The most popular rat toys

Rat raising as a pet is becoming popular for everyone, especially young people. So, to own a cute mouse, what issues do you care about? Besides demands as food and shelter, your small rats also need to entertain. On the market today, there are many different types of rat toys with full size and style. It also makes the rat owner nervous when choosing the most appropriate one. Understanding that concern, in this article, I will give you some of the best rat toys to help you quickly select the best toys. Are you curious about what they are? Don’t ignore the following helpful suggestions!

Suspension Bridge

The first product I want to mention on this list is a suspension bridge. Its primary material is wood, so it is very safe with pets and easy to assemble. It is quite light and small, only about 3.9x11x7.9 inches, so that you can put in mouse cages or their play area. Your rats will feel happy when running, climbing on bridges, and chewing toys. These functions will help rats increase their movement, avoid boredom, and lead a healthier life. You can find suspension bridges for the rat at pet stores or online stores with a variety of designs.

Plastic Rat Tube

The rat toy I highly recommend to you is a plastic rat tube. These long tubes are like a tunnel system where your rat can free to explore. Because they made from plastic, so these tubes are very flexible. You can bend, twist, shorten, or stretch them to your liking. Besides, you can also connect the tubes segments under the joints to form a maze for the rat. It increases the curious and flexible self of the mouse. However, because it made of flexible plastic, the only drawback of this toy is the rat can bite it and make holes. If your rat has a hobby of gnawing around objects, this may not be a suitable toy.

Chewing Toy

The next product I would like to suggest is a chewing toy. This type of pet toy is suitable not only for rats but also for other small pets. A chewing toy set includes five items made from wood, such as ball, bell roller, bicycle wheel, dumbbell. If your rat has an interest in gnawing on objects, this is a perfect choice. These toys designed to attract the attention of the rat.

Moreover, it also covered with a layer of natural and non-toxic paint when it enters the rat’s stomach. Chewing toys help the rat to increase movement, entertain, sharpen teeth when you can’t spend a lot of time with them. If you’re looking for a rat toy when you’re away, this is one of the perfect mouse toys. It keeps your rats active, entertained, and keeps him out of trouble.

Cotton Rope Net

The fourth product on this list is the cotton rope net. Besides making toys, it also is a perfect hammock or cushion. The two commonly used colors are purple and green. They create a natural and comfortable feeling for your rat. The mesh made from cotton, which is 13.4 x 8.3 inches, durable, suitable for many types of rat play together. Also, at four corners of the net are four wires so you can hang on the naked. Thanks for this net; your rat can climb, sharpen claws and entertain. With such outstanding benefits, they have quickly become a popular choice for many rat owners.

Nut Knot Nibbler

The last rat toy I want to mention is a nut knot nibbler. Like the chew toy above, this is a good thing if your rat is gnawing on anything while bored. However, it also has another plus point, such as made from 100 percent natural wood and dyed in natural colors. Therefore, it is very safe for pets. It measures 4 x 3 x 3 inches with a very complex design that consists of many sticks assembled. Another plus point is that it has a lot of tabs to chew. In the middle is a small bell to make a sound when the rat is playing with it. When using it, your rat can increase movement and keeps teeth healthy instead of chewing on unsecured objects. This toy is suitable for guinea pigs, chinchillas, pet mice.

In short

Above are a few rat toys that are currently the most popular for your reference. Before buying the toy, you need to consider choosing the right item for your rat and economic conditions. We hope the above suggestions will help you in selecting toys for your lovely rats. 

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