My heart is breaking……………………..

So I have always done my best to be a caring consumer. Will not buy any pet food, toys, products made in China. Too many stories of pet deaths by ingesting toxic chemicals. Companies who cut corners just to make sure they make a profit, etc………

I support local, USA made products, or other socially responsible countries.

This morning while I was scrolling through my Facebook page and reading all who I follow their comments and posts, I came across one that caused me to bawl my eyes out. I know there is cruelty all over the world and more than we probably even know. But this one single image killed me. And trust me, I have seen some horrible images from petition posts.

I immediately followed the link to sign their petition. It was for animal cruelty in China over the inhumane treatment of animals for their fur. Which I of course, like everyone, have heard over many years about the atrocities that are being done to these poor animals to supply fur for cheaply made products for the demanding fashionista that must have that latest trending item to complete his or her wardrobe.

I have signed many but don’t always share so I don’t bum out others. Cause I know I don’t like to see it but I get it! I understand why it needs to be done. Well this one was basically the tipping point for me. I had to share, discuss here, and talk about it amongst my friends.

I won’t tell you the details of the photo but it was probably the most shocking image (for me) out there about animal cruelty. I am pretty sure others that have seen it have it burned into their brains now and have hopefully started to share, blog, donate, do what it takes to stop this horrific practice.

I am going to post the link here for you to hopefully read and sign the petition. If your offended, I am sorry but I think you will understand why I had to do this. This link when you open does not show the image I saw. Well I never did scroll down to see if it was there, I don’t ever need to see it again. But you can sign and share without it popping up I am hoping it won’t. The only image seen is one of a bunch of animal pelts all neatly stacked. Sad enough to see the harvested fur, but the image of the remaining animal (if you seek out the image) is what will break your heart.

Also I am posting this link: It’s responsibly made products! Please check them out and hopefully you will follow and check labels on products, buy local made, DIY your own things which are the coolest things when you have made them with your own hands!

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