Hip, hip….Hoooorrrayyyyyyyyyy!!!!

If you read my last post with the plea to help us save some wonderful dogs from being auctioned off to possible puppy mills, you will know by the title of this post, that it was a success that all were saved!!!!

46 Papillons were rescued! Yes I did say 46!!! I am waiting on the story of how the auction all went and can’t wait to hear. I guess the bad breeders/puppymills who attended there did not know what hit them.

From what I read, these dogs were kept in a dark dirty garage in wire cages stacked on each other. All of them with sore feet from having to stand in wire bottom cages. You can see from the below photo of little senior Jamie a.k.a James Bond, that his feet are red and sore from licking them as well as could be stained from the mud from going outside. 🙁  I don’t know how the woman who was claiming to be a reputable breeder would have dogs set up in this condition. Guessing in it for the money? Well now we can hope she will be closely watched and will not re-start up.

The fundraiser raised 50K + and the paps were all bought by the rescues for 80K+. So more donations will be needed to cover the extra cost and for their health evaluations. They will then go to all the foster homes to get healthy and ready for adoption!

Sweet senior named Jamie who is one of the 46 rescued papillons

This all has been so stressful for many people in worrying about these paps falling into the wrong hands. Now everyone can take a breath and relax! Then time to get these babies ready for adoption!

Once I get the detailed story of how these babies were rescued at the auction, I will post!

We all want to thank the following who started this effort in saving these dogs.

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