The Homeless and their Pets


Animals do feel your emotions. If your sad they become quiet and will shy away. If your in a silly mood, they will then be happy and will bark and wag their tails.
Pets are very sensitive to human energy. They can pick out a bad person in a heartbeat as well as can pick out the kind ones.

There are lots of homeless people and their pets in Santa Cruz sitting on the sidewalks and in alley ways. Some people instantly think that the person is bad because their pet seems so sad. But they are unhappy because their owner is probably worried about how to feed themselves as well as to how to care for them. Often people think its cruel for them not to surrender their pet. But these animals are their family. All they probably have in the world and love them very much.

Of course there are the ones who have the wrong reason for having a pet. They get one for sympathy and hope for a hand out from someone passing by. These types are pretty easy to spot. They will make their pets do tricks or will hand them to a downtown shopper to pet and then ask for some money. It’s a very sad existence for these animals. These animals for sure should be taken away and fostered and rehabilitated before they go to a good home.

A single woman with her 2 kids and 3 little dogs, walk up and down the West Side neighborhood streets, going to and from the grocery store. They are living in a small run down RV. Their dogs seem happy because they feed off of their owners cheerfulness. They are doing what it takes to keep their chins up and hope for a new positive beginning. We all should commend them for not giving up and turning their pets into a shelter where the animals future is probably a bleak one due to so many animals that are existing in there already.

So when you see a homeless person and their pet, try to understand that they are probably doing what they can to care for them. They would more than likely be lonelier and more lost without them.

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