Cool sites with great info on how to make your pet a cool hoodie, sweater, etc……….


Everyone LOVES Pinterest! Right??!!!!

Well I always cruise through their site and check out all the cool stuff people are creating.
Since it’s a very chilly time of the year, I came across some super cute pet hoodies!

Urban Threads has this free tutorial on how to make a cute hoodie for your doggie.

If you have an embroidery sewing machine, you can create some custom art or text on your pooches cool jacket!

There are some great examples of some fun little outfits here too!

Another site I came across shows you how to make a pet coat out of a flannel shirt! I have to try this one and make a wee coat for one of my little squirts!!

So since it’s cold out!!! Get crafty and make something cool to keep your pet warm!!!

Wishing a great Holiday!!


We at Gimpy Pets want to wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday!!!
Enjoy your family of humans and furkids in your lives and appreciate each and every day that you have with them!

We appreciate all of our followers on our Facebook page as well as all that have subscribed to this blog page!!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!! :)

Hip, hip….Hoooorrrayyyyyyyyyy!!!!


If you read my last post with the plea to help us save some wonderful dogs from being auctioned off to possible puppy mills, you will know by the title of this post, that it was a success that all were saved!!!!

46 Papillons were rescued! Yes I did say 46!!! I am waiting on the story of how the auction all went and can’t wait to hear. I guess the bad breeders/puppymills who attended there did not know what hit them.

From what I read, these dogs were kept in a dark dirty garage in wire cages stacked on each other. All of them with sore feet from having to stand in wire bottom cages. You can see from the below photo of little senior Jamie a.k.a James Bond, that his feet are red and sore from licking them as well as could be stained from the mud from going outside. :(  I don’t know how the woman who was claiming to be a reputable breeder would have dogs set up in this condition. Guessing in it for the money? Well now we can hope she will be closely watched and will not re-start up.

The fundraiser raised 50K + and the paps were all bought by the rescues for 80K+. So more donations will be needed to cover the extra cost and for their health evaluations. They will then go to all the foster homes to get healthy and ready for adoption!

Sweet senior named Jamie who is one of the 46 rescued papillons

Sweet senior named Jamie who is one of the 46 rescued papillons

This all has been so stressful for many people in worrying about these paps falling into the wrong hands. Now everyone can take a breath and relax! Then time to get these babies ready for adoption!

Once I get the detailed story of how these babies were rescued at the auction, I will post!

We all want to thank the following who started this effort in saving these dogs

Ellen Stuban, Lorelei Bayless, Andrea Samuels, Stacy Kerns Newton, Sally S Hill, Marichin Uriarte, Marcy Wyrens, Anita Wright Lisa Christensen , Patricia Rust, Mary Hakel , Julexa Motega and the auction ladies who worked their arses off Deborah Burns , Julie Sandoval and Leslie Tracy

If your interested in one of the rescued paps, Please visit Paphaven.or and Papadopters



Click on this to sign a petition to limit registration of dogs being sold at auction

Some dogs that could end up in serious trouble need HELP!

Some dogs that could end up in serious trouble need HELP!

So there is a group on Facebook that has started a page called the Hazelbaker papillon fundraiser to help generate donations to help rescue 40+ papillons.


The dogs owner needs to sell them for personal and financial reasons. Selling them for auction is what she is doing to generate the money she needs. But unfortunately at the cost of the dogs potentially bad futures by possibly being bought by some bad people. Of course we can hope there will be some bidders with great intentions for the dogs. But from what I have learned from others, not always the dogs luck for a good new life after being bought at one of these auctions.

This group on Facebook is dedicated to raising funds to save the 40 + HAZELBAKER Papillons that are up for auction in OK, USA. These dogs at auction can possibly end up becoming breeder dogs in puppymills.

So many papillon rescue organizations such as are pulling together their resources to bid on these dogs and rescue them. I have learned a few of these women are already on their way to Oklahoma which is super awesome!!! :)

If they are successful, they will be needing many foster homes. But right now they need money. Lots of money by the 5th of December. So only a matter of a few days.

I don’t normally ask for help to donate. But papillons are in my heart and I can not see these dogs or any dogs be put into a life of being a breeder dog. Puppy mills need to be shut down all over the world. There are so many great responsible breeders out there and NEVER EVER buy a pet from a pet store. They are likely from a puppy mill…………….

If you can donate please visit their fund raising page here:

Or you can bid on these items up for auction:

If you want to be a foster?! Click here:

Pancreatitis in Pets


Pancreatitis in pets is painful and horrible. This time of year, during the Holidays, pets can get too much fatty foods from table scraps during your families get togethers. So please always be aware of your pet when hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Don’t let Grandma or Auntie sneak a few morsels of food under the table to Rover or Mittens!!! ;)

Pets can get pancreatitis not just from eating fatty foods and can be triggered by medications, surgeries, etc……. Senior pets are prone to getting it as well as some certain dog breeds. This disease should be taken seriously and your pet must go see the Vet for care. Don’t just try and heal alone and hope for the best. Your pet should not have to suffer cause you think you got it and can handle it. No one wants to see any animal in pain and be so very sick. Be proactive and get your pet proper care.

We had 2 cats in our past that had pancreatitis. One caused by a diet change. The other was unknown what caused it.

It was no fun for them as well as for me to have to worry and to really watch them closely. One of our cats actually became a diabetic after he had it. I don’t know if it caused it or was just timing since he was a senior. He did well for many years with his diabetes and insulin. Lots of monitoring and constant care and love.

Holding back food, water and meds for the first 24 hours was key for helping the pancreas rest. Hydration is very important afterwards. IV fluids or if your pet will drink, we bought plain Pedialite and put in there water bowls. Of course monitoring their drinking to make sure they did not get dehydrated from not drinking enough. I would check by pulling up their skin on their backs and if the skin bounced back, then they were hydrated enough. If it bounced back very slowly then they needed more fluids. (these are things I did and always listen to your Vet and don’t just go by my words here. Every situation is different. My Vet had me do home care since I work at home and was able to monitor their illnesses)

Info I found online about what to watch for:

Symptoms usually in a dog:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomits
  • belly discomfort/pain

Other symptoms:

  • A fever or low body temperature
  • Diarrhea
  • No energy
  • A hard time breathing
  • Dehydration
  • Irregular heartbeat

So never take a pets illness for granted. Take them to their Vet!!!

So gotta make some $ for a dog cart!


candy peeking

Our Candy girl has a damaged front leg from her former home. We assume she was abused by some of her behaviors when we first adopted her,  poor thing :( . Been with us for over 3 years now and is doing great! But her front damaged leg causes her to hop on her good front leg. Well after many years of hopping, she is getting pretty arthritic and is hurting more and more and is now needing some assistance to walk. She is fine around the house and we pick her up off the couch and the bed so she does not jump. We also have pet stairs for her and our other little senior dogs and cats with disabilities.

We have her on lots of glucosamine as well as other joint type suppliments. But have decided to save up for a front wheel cart. She loves to go for walkies but can only handle a going past a few houses now before she gets sore and tired. She has been trying to walk on her shorter damaged leg too instead of hopping like a bunny. The bad leg has no real strength and the elbow joint is all bundled up into a mess with a pin that is basically floating under her muscle and starting push against her muscle and skin. OUCH! For sure! Vet’s are watching it and will decide if she needs the pin to be removed.

This is the type of cart we need for Candy!

This is the type of cart we need for Candy!

We need to raise $500 for a custom cart for Candy. So we are asking all our fans if you can to check out our ETSY sites and see if there is anything you would like to purchase?! We are trying to sell as many of our items to raise money for Candy’s cart! If your into sewing, we have great sewing patterns of my handbag designs on my Mackerilla ETSY page. Or if your a pet fan, have some leashes, t shirts and other items on our Gimpy Pets ETSY page.

Please help if you can! You can also donate to Gimpy Pets too if you would like to help!

Here are our items and shops! :)

ETSY Mackerilla Design

ETSY Gimpy Pets

We thank you and Candy thanks you too!!! :)



Have a pet safe and sane 4th of July!!!


I always like to remind everyone who has pets to keep them inside and safe during the 4th. Where we live it’s like a war zone sometimes during this festive time. Lots of crazy fireworks all over the place. Since it is a beach town we have loads of tourists that come to Santa Cruz to hang on our beaches and go nuts! People bury fireworks in the sand days before and dig them up and have their own dangerous personal firework displays! It gets really really crazy!!

So with that being said and about your pets, please keep them home and indoors. Turn on the TV or music and play it loud. I put Rescue Remedy in their water bowls about a week before and call my Vet to get some doggie valium!

I also made my own version of a Thundershirt for one of our crew that pretty much loses her mind from the sparkly explosions. It breaks my heart to see her so upset. So we hope this will work on her along with taking meds and drinking calming water.

SO PLEASE!! Enjoy the 4th and keep your furkids safe!

Oh! And please don’t ask me if I sell these for other doggies. I did and got a cease and desist note from the people of Thundershirt! Even though mine is not the same, they still were crabby that I made a few of them…………………………

Candy modeling her "Orange is the new Black" anxiety coat I made.

Candy modeling her “Orange is the new Black” anxiety coat I made.

Bock bock!!! A little tip on chicken!


All dogs like chicken right?! Chicken flavored biscuits, chicken jerky, chicken canned dog food, etc…..

So what I like to do after I roast a chicken for dinner is to strip off most of the meat from the carcass after us humans are done with our meal. Break the carcass down into smaller pieces and then break out my crock pot!

I put in the carcass and what ever left over meat, juice from the roasting pan and any veggies that are left over.. Remove any onion pieces if they are in there. Then add water to cover the carcass about 1″ or so. Turn on the crock pot on high for about 5 hours then turn down to low. At the end of the day I check and see if the bones have basically turned to mush. If not then I leave overnight on warm and check in the morning.

After all the bones are completely broken down and super soft, I strain off the juice which I will save for future stock or use as the liquid in my homemade dog cookies. I then put all the soft bones and veggies that are pretty much mush into my food processor and blend til smooth. You can use this in some dog cookie recipes replacing an ingredient such as pumpkin or peanut butter with this chickenie slurry mixture. Or add some to your dogs dry food at dinner time. My dogs LOVE this stuff. You know what is in it and can be happy that there’s no preservatives, by products, and any other unnecessary junk!

Some people point out that cooking down the bones depletes the nutritional value of the bones. So you can add some doggie calcium supplements and other pet vitamin additives. Of course only add after supplements at the very end.